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Welcome to CPSource - the next generation of hosting as we know it.  With CPSource, unparalleled uptime, a highly trained and experienced staff, affordable pricing, and services that are above and beyond are the standard.  We feel that your hosting experience should be simple in setup and price.  You shouldn't have to break the bank on the hosting, we save you the money you need to create the best site on the internet.

Professional Web Hosting


Web hosting is the bread and butter of CPSource. After you get your web site built and are looking for the best solution to keep your site running and supported, look no further than CPSource. Contact Us at any time with questions about web hosting and we will help you with anything you might need.

  • Several custom plans available. No one customer is the same and we work with you.
  • Latest technologies in use like grid technology, virtualization, & green practices.


Web Design Services

web development

For around $5000 you can have a regular web design firm design and build your web site for you in about 4 weeks. For $1500 you can have us help you design and build your web site in just around 14 days with everything up and running live.  This includes setting up all your emails, adding your preferred pictures and logos and making sure everything is perfected before launch.

The question isn't why should you have a web sight for my business, it really becomes why shouldn't you have a web site already.   Don't let all your competitors beat you to the virtually free marketing solution called the world wide web. Maybe you do have a site already and it is in a need of updating completely.   Get started on your new web site just email us now!

  • All designs custom and done according to customer's specifications.
  • Shopping Carts are easily integrated.
  • Blogs and Forums are a part of every web site today with our customers.
  • CMS's (Content Management Systems) give you the ability to work on your sites.

SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing)


As most of you might know, the world of marketing on the internet has revolutionized free marketing as we know it. Though, like your parents always told you, nothing in this world is free, SEO essentially sets your web site up to be able to be searched by millions across the world for no price at all.

SEO in the last 3 years has become almost as important as building a web site to get your product online. The problem lies in the fact that 90% of all web designers have no idea how to optimize your site so the Search Engines (Goggle, Yahoo, & MSN) can find your site and list it on their databases.

  • Keyword Analysis if the first step towards a good campaign
  • Analyze the industry trends for your companies target market
  • Tailor a direct and precise keyword program to get you results right away.
  • Strive to achieve top 10 rankings for Google, MSN, and Yahoo on your keywords.
  • Assist you in minimizing traditional marketing with the success of your online marketing